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"The worst Affair"

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 Ever had a broken heart? its like a crush to your soul........ in the realm of the lost, in the dark and the cold. Im a victim of loving to tight to let go, guilty of loving his mind and his soul! gave him my all, in return he gave hurt....gave me pain through the rain, put my mind in the dirt. God says, trust in no man, for man will fail, not only in man, i trusted myself...... and i let myself down, even he did too. The word is the truth, but i refused to let it through. caught up on his words, his touch and his feel, through that, it was lust, and the thrust, and a chill. and the blunt kept it real, i was blowing the kill, but when it wore off....... i was full of tears, cuz, love didnt live here, i thought it was love, just lust and pure sin, asking the father, to forgive me again......i said i'd never come back, and im back here again....... sex in his hell, we smother in sin. He had me believe, he'd give me the world, leave my family and friends, and enter his world. Like, giving my soul, exchanged for the touch, from satan himself, the filthiest touch. I backed away from the deal, this is too good to be true, nothing good comes easy, my life will be thru... as i turn to the light, accept christ for my fight.......i conquer my weakness of living 2 fight!!! -Lady                  

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Enique says:

Love this!

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