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 Being real is what you think, but not what you do....... they say real recognize real, but whe i speak the truth, you lookin confused, bent out of shape, and not playing the rules. Crazy am i, for playing the fool. You say im falsifying, criticizing, judging and the other. I see you in the spirit, and your soul is gonna smother. Is sayin what i see, just calling what it is, or   your just mad cause your fake, and you get it how you give? God has set his laws, but you say it dont apply, like what works for you, and all else you let fly. And we screaming YOLO, party getting drunk, then 5 mins later, jesus is your bruh! not at all being critical, but people are so difficult. They claim to be one, but do the other, so who's being hypocriticaljQuery162009754120162688196_1383595085412?                    

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xclusive says:

Well written!

2b2b2 says:

Tight Write....Bravo

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