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Basking in the African sun.. I awoke

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23 seconds of bliss..

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A view.

A tunnel from iris to iris.

Never more correct timing for this.

Two three four five.

Hazel brown like the rich soils where diamonds lie.

Her eyes...are a enquiery...whose she..

Six seven eight.

Walking passed...opposits attract in opposite ways I kept my chin up walking straight.

Left right...left right.nine...ten eleven twelve.

My mind started to dwell.

In her aura I.

Time lapsed I spent decades admiring...wondering. ..who is this being.

Thirteen fourteen and fifteen.

Both teens and by any means...

Gettinf the puzzle to the lady in my dreams...

Completed..sixteen seventeen eighteen.



One thing.

Finger on her ring.

Box in my hand.

Dirt on my knee.




The moon and the sun.

Night and day.

Baffled to say. we could accompany another day

Twenty two, twenty three.

Set free.

Glances changed degrees.

Angel I see? With the silvery wings? Smile only heaven brings..close to comparison. .missing. . .attempting by all means.

Jump back in motion.

Disturbing relativity.

For what is obscure...

A paradox in reality.

For that 23 seconds I was her.

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