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 i feel empty when hes not around its like time is moving in slow motion 

My emotions run deeper than any ocean

His voice just calms my nerves

I hold on to every sound Nouns  and verbs

But i cant explain why his love hurts

I flip out and curse i know hes out there chasing skirts

Damn baby i thought i was all you need

My nite and shinning armor i got blinded by the gleam

This feels more like  a dream

Cause when hes gone its more then a few hours

Not his not mine this love is ours

He doesnt court me or buy me flowers

And thats fine with me i never been the type to be gold digging

I just need him in my arms instead of him with other women

Truth is nothing about us is simplistic

I say im done but truth is im addicted

I need rehab fast

Speeding in the fast lane im bound to crash

Drunk by myself radio on blast 

And finally i recieve his text

My phone died baby please dont be mad

I know its a lie but i still go puck him uP

Having a hard time decifering love and lust



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SoFloetic says:

I really like this and I can totally relate

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underhiswings7 says:

Most people have the two confused. Love, or lust....

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