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Making a come back, sorry have been away for a while, have been busy writing :) namaste to you all xxx

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10 Steps ahead of the wind

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Leave away Ricki Lake,
Jerry Springer and Jezza Kyle,
Feeling sorry, mollycoddles just ain't my style,
Gotta stop the drink and
Find new ways to think,
Kill the pain, replace a smile,
I was in denial.

Just couldn't accept,
That remnants of World War One reflect,
'Comeback' is a glory of un-chartered fate,
Life is my goal before it's too ***ing late!

In wake of those who left before me,
They ain't gone, they're still here, here beside me,
They live and breathe, got my back,
Heard inside me, when those days that almost defeat me, build me,'s my turn now.

No blood is left, what remains is family,
My chosen comrades for this blaze of glory,
I was born a ***ing warrior!
Nothing, no one, nowhere will take me,
Not even 6 months without food could kill me,
I tried to give up but didn't ***ing work,
It wasn't my time, I remain to be heard,
Mother never heard me, I gave up on her ears,
Now I speak loud enough for the whole world to hear.

I'm a leaf on the wind, the bite of a breeze,
A free spirited soul without historic need,
Appreciative sense reminiscing of times,
Drinking cider in the sun with Sid and the guys,
Sleeping under the pier with stars in the sky,
Shop doorways in rain drowning the pain,
Sunny fields in spring after winter got dry.

Met many a few, *** knows who!
I was too drunk back then to remember who I was!
I remember their faces, the times, the places,
The women I've slept with, the twats I've hated.
Scream "don't hate me cos you ain't me!"
Personality envelopes, now it's me who's hated!
I'm not a cunt, just crazy frustrated,
I don't know what's wrong, it's not me it's you,
"I love her and her, and I think I love her too" who the *** are you?
Are you not able to see, "it's not you I hate, it's your personality"
Give me something to believe in! I'm lost...At unsightly cost.

Life had drained me and so did my ex,
Who would have though it? Death meant success!
Without the bible, a priest or preacher,
Yes I found god, not gonna stereotypically feed ya,
With religious teachings,
Jehovah's witnesses are dead to me! I didn't kill 'em.....despite temptation.
No, now is my turn to take on the nation,
To be there when you need me,
Post-corporate manslaughter,
When fighting for the right to see your son or daughter,
No I don't have the benefit of what school taught ya,
I just know the law because I broke it so many times init!
Forget it, that's a joke...
I dunno, I just 'get' it,
And the riches I make on the way?
I share it!
'Cos when times were tough and I was down and out,
It was you crazy ***ers that helped me out,
This is my life, an overview on paper,
An anthem to celebrate the hand that god dealt ya,
Never give up and fight for what you believe in,
Embrace what you have and live like this...
10 steps ahead of the wind.


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