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She became so bitter

Her heart is winter cold

Men know her as december

Attitude is all she knows

She wasn't always like this

The change was slow at pace

A man who ran into her life

Then casually walked away....

She would serve him dinner

and take care of the kids

The house was always spotless

Every stove, pot, pan  and lid

And despite how tired she was

She never told him "no"

She morphed into his porn star

Him always in control

Despite the violent arguments

That often left her scarred

She would always forgive him

Falling right into his arms

He eventually stopped calling....

And seldom went back home....

The kids cried for the father....

That left them all alone....

She knew he was unfaithful

She couldn't bare the pain

Of knowing that the love they made

was merely a facade

She's given all the love she has, her heart's a hallow space

All men must take this lesson, and let it perpetuate

Don't walk into a woman's life, if you don't plan to stay









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Mission-ary says:

Great write..really like this!!

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darylg44 says:

Love this one. I felt it all the way through

2b2b2 says:

Whew, Heavy Duty Dosage of Truth...thanks for sharing!

mzsopriceless says:

Yes! Yes! Brilliant closing

epitomeofdope says:

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback ! <3 - xoxo

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underhiswings7 says:


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