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A Reluctant Tool

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Strong willed in desires to achieve

Awaken right after the summer’s fall

Coldness of winter is a reality of shivers

My Lord, my lord why have I been forsaken?

You see my foundation had been shaken

Cause of destruction was from my own construction

As the plan’s of men, were not to be a finality

Misunderstanding and pride lead me to rely exclusively,

On works from my mind’s creation, I am mistaken

For my actions are backfiring and I’m backpedalling

Thrust back even further than initial inceptions!

As I cry tears of spoilage, despising my present?

Divinely I’m given the gift of life, assuming no accounting

Taking this life for granted, as I planned for my soul’s beneficial

Way to young to see clear paths to true perfection’s essence

Performed through series of circumstances directed, I’m acting

Way after memories have burned through generations, occurring

As pawns and emissaries of good and evil intentions or renditions

Born Again and in 2nd Comings, 360 degree turning…..manifested

To live or die is neither plus or minus universally or consequentially

Concerned only for me I only see what is plain insight, unseen

Fighting the light of day and the dark of night, to stay here

Righting the wrongs for others I smite, but sharing their plight

Or flight as the truth in trajectory, of temporary arrivals,

Subcumbing to ego’s trip for its own puny unbridled survival

Bigger is the Plan, Deeper than the most Righteous mind’s clarity

For the role I play is always in servitude, to my Father’s mission

The Father who seeded my world, and filled my mind with pearls

Jewels to maintain a sustenance, Jewels that garner covetousness

Whether a beggar, who is a marionette, or fauna who animates

I am always the Reluctant Tool, used by my Father to build faith

and continuous-unity!

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mrmelody7 says:

Jewel of a write quite a journey is life a treasure map learn as you go

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2b2b2 says:

No doubt...thanks....ONE

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