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"Ssshh Hush"

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No needed Words
for whats about to go down

My body is your canvas
place your lips anywhere on it

Can you feel the heat, as it rises?
coming to a boil, over flowing,
spilling lyrically as it embraces
my thirst....

Can you feel me touching you there
sweetly beneath the sheets
I can feel your nature rise
I see the hungry
starting to build in your eyes...

Lets do the nasty
making it steamy and wet
leaving behind the wet spot
the evidences, of spilled sex...

Ssssh hush
this is between Us
no shared fantasies
for those in the next room
wishing they could be you

Magnificently you slided inside
with your hard rod
filling me with your sweet lust
leaving me breathless
as you thrust...

You whispered in my ear
baby can you feel
the pulsing of my stiff meat
I'm so glad you are my mate

wooo I'm about to ejaculate....

Its ok baby, go ahead and Cum
its not about the Quantity
its about the Quality time....time

Between you and Me 

Between the Sheets

Victoria sensual©2014  

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Wize Dom says:

Sounds like some hot conversation gain on

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