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5 years his slave

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5 years his slave. My identity, he stripped away. His property, I became. My oppression seemed to be his blessings. My suffering seemed to be his healing. Despite the transgression afflicted by his hand, this man I still served. I loved him, to bad it wasn't the same for he. I wanted him but he didn't want me. He needed me but I was to blind to see, he I didn't need. He brainwashed me. He made me believe, he is all I need. My family, I blocked out. My friends, I casted aside. Myself, I forgot. He was all I consumed. My thoughts, I was told. My feelings, I didn't own. I give him my everything. Master was his name. 5 years, I was his slave.

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2b2b2 says:

Clever Write....ONE

Phenomenal Paris says:

Thank you :-)

underhiswings7 says:

Deep write. Thanks for sharing!

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RonnieL says:

Great expression. Love the flow of your piece.

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latin_lover says:

This is a very emotional piece. Excellent write.

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