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 As I grasp her body tight while kissing on her neck, allowing her body to go into relaxation, with no hesitation I put my hand in that place where a gentle touch can change the whole expression that she has on her face. She griped my back as if someone was trying to rip me a away from her for ever. The pressure was building, and I understand that pressure can bust pipes or make diamonds, but if those pipes were too spring a leak underneath them sheets, that I was the man for the job. "Excuse me ma'am ,I would ask, do you mind if I take a look" and as I started to put my face closer to find the problem,those pipes started shaking and making weird noises, Was I crazy because it's sort of sounded like moaning voices? It was getting serious real quick.The more I worked on them the wetter I became. I bent those pipes right back into frame.And as I was walking out she stopped and smiled at me very strange,and said I will never ever ever forget your name..

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