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80's Baby

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Sitting back reminiscing on my time as a kid
Bike rides through the street
All the mischief we did
Manhunt in the neighborhood
Boys against the girls
When we captured their team it felt like we conquered the world
A expert at circle circle dot dot now I’ve got my cootie shot
Girls ruled the double dutch
I rocked the sockem robots
Stick ball in the parking lot
Basketball in the park
“Next point wins, my mom wants me home by dark”
Remember Nick at Night
Keenan and Kel
Sagging Bagging Berry
Dee Dee, the sister from hell
Adventures of Pete and Pete 
Legends of The Hidden Temple
Your favorite cartoon lunch box
Not lending your favorite pencil
Writing the girl you like a yes no or maybe
Getting your first kiss
Then pretending y’all had a baby
Hiding your sisters Barbie dolls until she starts to cry
When your parents get involved you concealed it with a lie
What about summer camp?
I figured I would hate it
Was nervous my first night by the end it was my favorite
Last day came and I didn’t want to leave 
I met my first crush
I kissed her by the trees
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis
Mario was cool 
But Mega Man was the best
Classroom show and tells
Holiday parties
Mom’s up all night baking cupcakes for your party
After school karate
Allowance for your chores
If a girl comes over you better not close your door
No internet, really no internet
I was entertained by Lincoln Logs, Goosebumps and Erector Sets
Yeah, my childhood was pretty good
Remember calling your boo the first thing after school
No cell phones, no text, no sext
What you saw is what you’d get
Those late night phone calls really were the best
“It’s 3a.m. you’re not off the phone yet?”
School dances on mission
Taking bets on who will get the most digits
Nervousness when you call
Introduced my crew to her crew 
A meet up at the mall
Damn I wish I was a kid again
Some days I really wish I was a kid again

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Wize Dom says:

This is a very visual piece, very well put together...Bravo!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Brilliant Share...thanks for taking it there....ONE

icanseenow says:

This is my favorite peace I've read since I was on here. Maybe because I can relate the most. Very good.

Sandyperry says:

Thank you

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