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911 Please State Your Emergency

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I forgot what it was like to feel passion for a man

Sheer desire, stomach hurting, heart racing, taking up space in your mind

Can't concentrate, hoping he'd call or show in someway that he felt the same way about you

I forgot what it was like to feel wanted in any capacity

I forgot that I was something special

My blood has cease to circulate to the rhythm of ALLAH because

I didn't exercise my right to breathe deep

My muteness made you think that I could thrive on less oxygen than

What was truly required to live whole

I starved in silence whilst you ate cake, pie, cookies and ice cream

I forgot my worth and my value

My recognition of strength became endurance

My power was measured on my ability to process infinite loads of bull soiled with cum so rancid and spoiled it created plagues and wiped out lifetimes of women past

Subconsciously I made a trade agreement hoping for universal growth.

The dream of finally becoming a super power, closer to fruition

But indeed not so

Due to the catalyst

Perhaps a treaty may be made after all

I'm hopeful the peace talks will go well

War was waged against me

And I must protect myself

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