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The Siren

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Through a loud blare

Of unfulfilled wants of need

i did hear and listen

When the Siren spoke to me

She was exactly what I desired

Appearing in a image to put me at ease

Through tales of riches and freedom

She promised to share with me

When the Siren spoke to me

Along I went obliging

Hoping to gain from this Siren

Only wanting to learn how to be free

Made to miss what I already possess

Siren is only out to further rob me of self

Speaking of material wishes of eternity

Turning my back on my greatest possession

When the Siren spoke to me

Wanting to be released from a cage holdin me

The cage is made from strong bars of negativity

As I close my eyes to listen

I hear the Siren's laughter

Forming dread in my mind upon re-awakening

When the Siren spoke to me

As the Siren moves towards me

The Devil's form is what the Siren did take

Right before my eyes I did begin to shake

At the familiarity of this sight and sound

When the Siren spoke to me

As if in rewind or better yet a faith testing review

To lure GOD's Choosen from the Path to Diviniity

Why does the Siren desire so to possess me

Perpetually being tested by the Siren in this journey

Wanting to be righteous in God's sight

Tricked by the Siren to believe the fight hasn't begun

When the Siren spoke to me

I went to sleep

Listen to me as I will attest to the forms of the Siren

Anything from lost but found pieces of money

To watching inequality on television

Believing it to be just TV as you continue to stare

When the Siren spoke to me

I had just finished speaking to GOD

Filled with reverence to GOD's Blessings

When the Siren spoke to me

Hoping to add to me

When the Siren spoke to me

Evil does approach so easily

GOD's vessel travels towards home leaving flesh

Its an emergency, can't you hear the sirens

I must do better to heed or fall forever

When the Siren spoke to me

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Wize Dom says:

Spokenword at its best. my hats off !

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mrmelody7 says:

Depths of wisdom, two spirits in the world good and evil

2b2b2 says:

Thanks kindly family....ONE

Alekia Abeni says:


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