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A Shiny Penny

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Carlton McGee on a late summers Eve' found a miraculously shiny penny,

Nothing that he'd ever seen in his life had ever shone as bright,

As this one in a million penny,

He wondered in how many pockets it had been and who looked after it previously,

He wondered how many had looked and held back, from picking up this beautiful penny.

In a persuaded instant he goes for the pinch and quite gently holds it in his hand,

He waited for something as beautiful as this for as long as he lived in this town,

Not in a million years did he think he would ever collect something as rare as he had at this time,

Even though there are hundreds of nearly shiny penny's have frequented space in his mind.

Holding dear to his hand, his penny, this man, travels the rest of the street,

Thinks of how many countries this penny had travelled, and how it had never seen defeat,

He stuck with his penny for the rest of the day until finally he went to sleep,

The very next day, with words left to say, the penny had abruptly left,

He hadn't quite noticed, that the penny had motives and other places to rest,

He figured it would be easy, to carry on living as though this beauty had never even crossed him,

He thought if he moved on from this day, despite how long it would take, he could make the best of something,

Use it's beauty for creativity, it's currency for inspiration, and accept that pennies do leave,

As quickly as they come, providing lots of fun, it's got new pockets to go and see,

However nothing seemed right, in the cold day of light, that penny still walks in his dreams,

He never gives up, despite if it gets rough, he will always be opposed by any means,

He's battling a non-battle, deciding if the grass is greener,

He can't hide the hole in his heart, his pain reflected through his demeanour,

All this over a penny? He drives himself insane,

Nothing satisfies his urges, everyone else is to blame,

Ignoring the elephant on his face, he thinks he's fooling the nation,

Driven from a peaceful world only to cecum to admiration,

He walks every panel of concrete with his eyes open to a purpose,

He craves to see his penny again before the penny drops uncertain,

But nothing ventured nothing gained, he takes it in his stride,

Tredding the sidewalk with a grounded glint in his eye,

Although loss overcomes him, he moves to lead on,

Finds pounds and tuppence's till the lost feeling is gone,

A new journey a new penny, a future in hand,

Fate has a plan for this infatuated young man.

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