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It's been a while since I've been on here and spoke my mind, heart and soul. Feels good as always.

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A Poet's Purpose

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I've put myself out there

To inspire a generation

Tell y'all it's gonna be okay

We're gonna make it

Experiences revealed

Exposed my life

No shame whatsoever

Poetry is my therapy

Words is my release

It beats crying

It cleanses my soul

Renews my spirit

Resurrects my life

After dying for peace of mind

Trust I've been there

I've confessed many things

About being in love

About being suicidal

About being molested

About abusing drugs

In addition to experimenting with bisexuality

So never feel alone

I'm here for y'all

Whether y'all like it or not

I can relate

Y'all words resembles me

I feel a deep connection

To all my brothers and sisters

I know it gets hard

That's why we gotta stay strong

Not for ourselves but for each other

Our poems serve a purpose

To save lives

To save ourselves

Heroes with a pen

That's what we are

So never forget it

Because the readers inspired by our material sure won't



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Phenomenal Paris says:

Love this.. Spoken like a true Poet

SupHomeboi says:

Thanks for the love. As always it's appreciated

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