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It's been a while since I've been on here and spoke my mind, heart and soul. Feels good as always.

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A World Consumed In Darkness

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Nighttime isn't like it used to be

Stars aren't as bright

They lost their twinkle

Constellations are broken

The moon is never full

The air isn't as crisp

Not a cricket to be heard

Lightning bugs are extinct 

The world consumed in darkness

People fighting

Robbing killing

From other poor folks

With blue collar jobs

Coming home from work

Or heading to the graveyard shift

To make a living

Drunk people

High people

Buyers and suppliers

With the same sales pitch

"Yo I got that fire!"

But yet there's still no light

In a world consumed in darkness

The sun patiently waits

For the opportunity to arise

Distribute it's glow

For all to see

Rays of optimism

Blinding the population

That's now unfamiliar

With good mornings

Many dawns postponed

It's been a long time coming

For a world consumed in darkness

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tretre says:

I felt every word of this poem..."The sun patiently waits for the opportunity to arise distribute its glow for all to see...Really loved that. You are one in many poets who I admire. Always keep that pen movin SupHomeboi!!!!

SupHomeboi says:

Thanks that means a lot coming from u tretre. Much love

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Wize Dom says:

I agree with tretre you are one of a kind, I dig your style.

SupHomeboi says:

Thanks Wize I'm honored to hear that from u. I humble myself. Much love

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