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A Prayer For The Broken Hearts

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I guess he don't give a damn.
I guess this love has come to a end.
I guess he was never my man.
My man alone.
I guess we never had a happy home.
I lost his child and he don't seem to care.
No sympathy at all.
His heart was never my home.
So I guess it's time to leave him alone.
A part of me is saying, Paris go out on your own.
This man don't deserve your love anymore.
But a part of me is feeling, give it time,
this man is hurting as well, his feelings has became numb.
You, who he wants but he has a lot going on.
His mind is gone, his heart is torn.
Give him space, everything will be okay.
So I guess I need to pray.
As I lay in my bed, I lift up my head, and beg,
God please protect this man, I love.
I pray on his behalf, he is a good man, his heart is good.
Even though he do stupid things.
 I know I caused him pain,
please father allow him to fully forgive me one day.
I worry about him, I know how his mind begins to think.
I know he's in a bad situation, he don't know how to faces.
He has two women in love with him,
both shouldn't be treated this way.
It's not okay for him to do this, but why is it I still love him.
I feel sorry for everyone involved.
I hurt for this man, because I know his heart.
His problems I wish to solve but I know I must trust you,
you will do a better job.
 I pity that girl, she didn't know she was just being used.
She searching for what we all are, LOVE.
Now she has a baby by a man who heart was never hers.
Her two little girls don't need to see their
mother being treated like this.
Especially his little girl.
I don't want her to grow up and deal with the same crap me and her mother deals with in this world.
Lord I ask, you fix it for all of us.
Place it on our hearts what you want us to do.
Give him the strength, reveal to him the truth.
Help him to see, it's time to choose, no more running,
that's not what a man do.
If this man is my husband,
help me to be the supportive woman he used to.
If this man isn't for me,
I pray you fix him for the next woman who will walk in my shoes.
I want him to be happy, he really deserves it.
I want that girl to be okay, because I know her pain.
I worry for his child, I don't want her be neglected
and grow up like me or her mother one day.
You know my heart, and I trust I will be okay.
Lord please keep this man.
Help him to see, it's time for a change.
In Jesus name, I pray.

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Wize Dom says:


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2b2b2 says:

Powerfully Crafted Prayer....Word Up

gedsmumma says:

with tears in my eyes ty for sharing again girl KEEP FLOWING

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