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Speech Is Not Free

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They call it freedom of speech, yes free to speak of until you step on someone's toes and touches the inner core of their soul and with their words you're exposed to the truth, it's like a noose around your neck slowly tightening the grip and isn't a trip how you can speak the truth but no one listens to you and The very thought of the truth will have the person you're talking too missing the whole point of view and never wanting to speak to you, again, but isn't it a sin to hate your fellow man. So why is it when spit the facts you always trying to attack back like there's no honesty in my words and why is it when you get to the base of the issue everyone tries to hush you mix up your words and try to re adjust you, i guess there just accustom to lies and it's not a surprise to me that they were designed to be robots in their environment I guess it's a requirement to be ignorant in their own minds sense, not having their own mind to speak freely i guess freedom of speech doesn't come easily and ignorance is bliss. Blissfully ignorant Or is it just Belligerent's? Unconcerned with what the system is doing, slowly tying noose's around our necks and With every generation it is harder to speak freely as they tighten the grip but yet they still let us Lynch yourselfs. And we abuse the freedom that was giving to us in 1863 by the extensions of ourselves, letting illiterate rap music speak for us and it has weakened us, by silencing our voices, So tell me again? freedom of what?

By: Sensation of the truth, Kim Edwards


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2b2b2 says:

Superb Share....thanks.....ONE

sensation's of the truth says:

Thank you for reading!

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