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A Letter To Myself ( Censored )

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Dear Aiden,

    Look At You And All Of Your Sad Presuring Stress, You're Nothing But A Pitiful Festering Mess And If You Wanna End It Now Then Do It Be My Guest It's Easy, All You Have To Do Is Pierce That Problem Causer In Your Chest. You'll Probably Amount To Nothing Because You're Weak, Pathetic, And Disgusting And You're So Cold And That's So Old You Don't Deserve Anothers Loving. You Know That Everything You Do Sickens Everyone Including You, Just Give Up On Every Single F***ing Thing You Do Because Sitting Around Moping About Proves You Don't Even Have A Use. Do You Remember When Rich Died That Week When To Canton You Would Ride Til' 5 Because Maybe If You Would've Been At His House Instead Then He Still Might Be Alive And At The Same Time Makayla Also Left Your Side And The Only Thing You Decided To Do Was Sit Like A B****h And You Cried. Even Though She Lied You Just Wouldn't Kill Your Pride Instead You Thought That Justifying Your Spiteful Actions Would Be Right. Wrong. It Took You Oh So Long And Regardless She's Still Gone And Even A Year Later It's Her You're Still Stuck On. Your Life Is A Sad Song; A Repeating Chorus And A Fake Strong. You're So Chilled To The Bone And Though Surrounded By Help You Still Feel Alone. You're Going To Die In An Icy Fortress Without An Heir To Your Frostbitten Throne. I Know This Sounds So Rude, And I Really Don't Mean To Be Crude But Everytime Someone Offers You Help You Think And You Misconstrude So I'm Just Writing You This Letter So You Can Finally Help Yourself Dude.

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Intheshadowz says:

Cruel truth?.. No matter this letter to u, u can change, make thingz better.. U are ur own dictator ❤️💋 reach out from the darkness

Intheshadowz says:

I loved the poem tho

hymnagen says:

Harsh words, indeed, but an undeniably good write. I hope you've found the strength to apply that closing line.

2b2b2 says:

Tight Flow

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