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"A Soft But Mighty Storm"

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Mommy, Mommy Look, My Child Screamed With Awe

I Turned The Way Of Her Finger, But Could Not Make Out What I Saw

It Cannot Be An Army, For An Army Is Not That Strong

It’s Coming Towards Us So Quickly, It Won’t Be Very Long

I Looked Into My Baby’s Eyes, A Tear Was Drifting Down

It Seemed As If She Knew The Likes, Of What Was Comin’ Round

It’s Almost As If A Black Cloud Has Come Upon Our Midst

But Somehow It Seems So Soft And Gentle, As If It Were A Long Lost Kiss

They Wish To Become The Men That Their Fathers Already Are

They Want to Unite With Their Children, And Try To Heal The Scars

They Sing A Sorrowful Melody Of Guilt And Despair

For They Want To Be The Family’s Foundation,  But They Need The Hurt Hearts To Care

For Generation After Generation, They Were Always The Missing Piece

Now They Wish To Dry The Eyes,  Of The Children Who Now Weep

It Rays Of So Many Colors, But One Basic Scheme

I’ve Never Seen Anything More Powerful, Please Let Nothing Come Between

There Are So Many Stories, In My Baby’s Big Brown Eyes

Of How She Misses Her Daddy, But Really Can’t Understand Why

For He Left Her In The Womb, And Has Not Seen Her Yet

But Still That Empty Space Remains, Leaving Her Eyes Forever Looking Wet

It’s Mind Is So Determined, Nothing Can Interfere

My Baby Come Close To Mommy, For They Are Coming Near

Now I Can Clearly See Their Glory, And The Confidence That They Hold

A New Man And Race Arising, So Many Sorrows And Pains To Unfold

For We Must Come Together And They Have Made A Start

We Need To Stand United, And Stop Breaking Each Others Hearts

My Sisters We Have Suffered, Our Pain Will Never Stray

But We Must Give Our Men The Chance To Be Here For Us And Our Children

Leading The Rest Of The Way

The Men Are Paving The Way, For All Of Us Kings And Queens

To Provide A Brighter Future, And Keep “Hope” Alive In The Dream

Whatever It May Be, Brings Peace and Serenity

A Bond That Is So Tight, There They Pass…..

A Million Men Marching Only Trying To Do What’s Right!

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donicamarie says:

I know my format is all over the place but I found these poems that I wrote back in the 90's and just thought I would share. The Million Man March of 96 inspired this one.

latin_lover says:

I really liked this one. Keep writing!

johnnyduncan says:

Yeah! You are all over the place, but you hit everywhere. Good work.

scash102 says:

The poem to me is kinda story form but your point was receieved, excellent poem!

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2b2b2 says:

FANTASTIC SHARE.....Write On....more folks need to check this one...glad I did!!!

Wize Dom says:

This is how it should be laid down...very well done.

underhiswings7 says:

Thank you for sharing these deep thoughts! Much appreciated.

underhiswings7 says:

Very well written. Have to acknowledge, adore and respect the men who decide to lead and be the Kings and royalty that they were created to be. Thank you for capturing this beauty of the MMM.

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