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"Single Momma Madness"

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My Sista, My Sista

Look A There, Look A There

These Brothers Prancin' All Aroun'

Call They Selves Marchin'

As If Someone Really Care

They Claim To Be Behind Us

They Claim To Be So Strong

Those Suckas Shoulda Been There

When My Baby Was Comin' Long

They Tried To Pretend They Ain't Know Us

When That Belly Bloated Up

They Can March Til' They Turn Blue In The Face

But I Betcha I Won't Jump

I Busted My @SS Everyday

To Feed The Ones They Made

While They Was Out Layin' Up

With Some Otha Hoe Gettin' Paid

I Jus Don't Understand

How They Guilt Jus Come Out Now

They Expect Us To Be So Proud

I Betcha I Don't Bow

They Beat Us Down In The Ground

Slappin' Us When We Come Aroun'

But Now They Wanna Claim The Glory

And They Didn't Even Play A Damn Part In The Story!

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donicamarie says:

The angry single momma's thoughts on the Million Man March

scash102 says:

I like this poem, felt like u had a great way of expressing single mother lifestyles.. Strong n true words

2b2b2 says:

Potent Penning.....thanks for sharing

underhiswings7 says:

The anger is real. Thankful for the brothas who do commit and hold down their families, no matter what. Much respect.

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