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"A Silent Breath"

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Please Lord Don't Let Him Find Me

I Promise Not To Breath Too Loudly

Why Must It Always Be Me

I Really Hate To Say This...

But Why Can't It Be Johnny, Becca, Or Lee?

Please Tell Me What I Did To You Lord

To Receive Such A Brutal Life

Why Does He Mess With Me Dear Lord

When He Was Blessed With Such A Beautiful Wife

Can't He See That I'm Just A Child

Who Dreams Of Running Wild

Through Fields Of Green Glory

But I'll Never Be Able To Tell My Story

I Hear Him Slowly Creeping Up The Steps

So Mother Cannot Hear

His Breath Usually Reeking

With Nothing But Cans Of Cheap Beer

Please Mommy, Please Wake UP!

Come Check On Your Dear Child

My Pillow Soaked With Tears

Why Can't She Ever Hear 

My Door Slowly Opens

My Heart Quickly Stops

His Hand Now Stroking My Thigh

All The Guilt Making My Head Completely Drop

My Door Slowly Opens

Death Begins To Fill The Room

My Mommy Now Approaching My Daddy

And All I Hear Was "BOOM"!!

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BITE says:

I like this.

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2b2b2 says:

SUPERB....well crafted....thanks for sharing!

underhiswings7 says:

Amazing capture.

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