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A Prayer For A Friend:

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Lord, I have a friend and she feel's all alone,

she says her heart no longer has a home.

She's fallen so many times she often says "What 

will become of this life of mines"

I know she wants to give up,

It's hard to fight when you feel like flying,

and inside you feel like dieing,

Lord, will you catch her tears when she cryin?

Life has got her in it's grips,

she is filled with sadness and despaire,

I really care for her lord, so I'm writing you

this prayer.

When I watch her, I feel like I'm looking at a painting

a still life.

Lord apporach, appear,

take aways all her fears,

help to make her see things more clear.

She's trying, but she feels unsteady, 

can you hold on to her lord, I know she

wants to give up already.

She fears that she is not loved,

she seems to hold on to emotional scars,

she don't understand that she is loved by me

and many others for who she is,

help her to understand that we will help

her get through this.

She's lost in sadness and despair,

please show her that you are there,

as I continue to pray and write this prayer.

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