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A Naysayers' Ultimate Manifestation

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Naysaying,  always  swaying  in  public,
Opinions  in  times  of  no  need,
Just  out  to  feed  off  of  my  blood  &  sweat
As  they  be  constantly  crying  out  green  tears
Hoping  to  usurp  cheers  by  leading  the  call  in  jeers
Fearin’  the  hearing  of  some  off  brand  relevancy
Entering  in  their  mind,  that  has  been  stuck  in  rewind
Throughout  times  of  gray….at  least  that  is  what  naysayers  say!


Naysaying  always  dropping  dimes,  of  coming  bad  times,
That  they themselves  are  most  likely  the  author  and  co-conspirator  of
 No  doubt  is  a  naysayers  constant  enemy,  as  they  see  no  proof  to  believe
Or  achieve  when  times  are  rough,  Naysayers  are  the  first  2b  giving  up
Always  manifesting  bad  hue  mathematics  in  times   timed  in  equaling  blues
As  bright  ideas  are  turned  black  and  blue,  meaning  a  Naysayer  is   uuhckin'  with  you!


Naysaying  always  find  nothing  sweet,  even  in  showing  love  or  compassion
Forgiving  and  forgetting  the  transgressions  of  another  man,  Nah-I-mean   is  what  they  mean
Negatively  exporting  malice  on  other  folks  set  and  scenes,  like  a  fiend….
Fiending  off  of   crushing  dreams,  cuz  they  are  sightless  beings  who  have  lost  in  dreams  
Addicted  to  contrary  for  the  sake  of  contrary  reasons  without  meaning  in  consequence
In  other  words  Naysayers  are  happiest  when  everyone  in  a  cipher  believes  in  nothing,
But  the  untruth  of  broadcasting  bad  feelings …..which  disperses  collective  positive  energy
To  replace  it  infinitely  with  that  old,  tired  ash ,  Naysaying  negativity!

So  to  you  Naysayer,  I  put  up  fingers,  rolled  into  a  fist….flying  free  and  clear  
For  your  lips  to  be  swollen  shut,  from  Naysaying  never  more….
Naysayer  you  will  see  light ,  from  my  right,  to  end  your  Naysaying  manifestation!
So  shut  up  and  be on  your  way,  you  got  nothing  to  say  so…STOP  HATING!!!!

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thewriterv says:

you have written the naysayer concept of life, and we all can learn something from that.

hymnagen says:

HymnAgen>> jumps to his feet to applaud this piece. 1

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catmartan says:

Platinum ! Thanks for the share !

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2b2b2 says:

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.....much appreciated! ONE

latin_lover says:

These are true words.

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