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"Eagles Eye"

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I want to soar over the plain , like a Eagle in the sky , I want to see the whole world from an Eagle's eye , I want to fly to the highest altitude , to search for my earthly treasures , so far beyond the rest , the naked eye can not measure , I want to spread my wings and glide over my cares , adorn the spacious sky , like a side show in midair , I want to be for certain , when I sparrow to take my fall , when I reach out to grab , I want to take it all , I want to reign to the highest , I am beast of the air , I know what lies beneath me , I've already been down there.

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2b2b2 says:

SUPERB WORK....BRAVO...thanks for sharing!

MellanatedAngel says:

love it, feel it!

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mrmelody7 says:

Flyin high in the friendly skies, love sky watchin especially the flight of the vulture, soar on always nice to get away for a while

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hymnagen says:

Very visual. You took me with you. Thanks for that!

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