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" The Kitchen" a short story i wrote.

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Tuesday night 8pm you in the kitchen wearing black hanes, shirt off showing your ripped chest fixing something to drink. I walked in the kitchen wearing a see through white lace dress no bra,no panties bareskin is all you can see, While taking a sip of water you starred at me... I dimmed the lights i'm in front of you, you grabbed my waist i grabbed your face an told you to follow me.I sat you in a chair straddled you an told you not to move, while sitting on top of you,you squeezed and slapped my a**.I grabbed both of your hands ''im incontrol'' I then pinned you down put your hands behind your back and handcuffed you.I blindfolded you i wanted you to feel not see what i was about to do,While pulling your chin towards me with my right hand i'm rubbing and stroking your manhood.I'm tongue kissing you, i gently bit your lips pulled your head back with both of my hands and started kissing your neck,while kissing your neck you moan...untie me baby was your response. I whispered in your ear ''shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' i got up an slowly kissed and licked your chest just right for you can feel my passion.Went down on you,i started with the tip played with it by licking it,while licking it i moved into a circular motion with my tongue then swallowed it!i continued by going up and down up and down while going up and down, i start to move a lil faster as i moved faster your toes curled you camed! i took the blindfolds off walked behind you an uncuffed the handcuffs.You got up moved the chair out the way walked up to me grabbed me and ripped my dress,after you slammed me on the counter you grabbed and squeezed my breast, i must confess I'm in distress, in one hand you had one breast licking it playing with the nipple biting and sucking it your other hand you were rubbing my clit, dam baby we should have made a flick, getting it wet,While pulling me towards him, he placed my legs on his shoulders & gently slid his tongue in my p**** i started grabbing his head pushing it back and fourth telling him right there daddy awwwmmmmm right there dont stop it feels so good!while biting my lips i wrapped both of my legs around him tight, he then started moving his tongue inside me faster and faster getting my p**** right. Wetter and wetter, im about to explode while grabbing his head i tell him im about to come. He grabbed both of my thighs and pushed his tongue far inside of me, far as it would like him go. Next thing i know he started beating my p**** with his tongue like a pro. I could'nt hold it any longer i then camed all in his mouth.


Copyright act,2014 (Shavon P.)

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