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" Dear Diary"

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Dear Diary, The first day i met him i smiled and could'nt stop smiling the second day was the best experience in my life. We talked all day and all night....i held myself back by putting up a fight. I invited him to my home so i brung in the new years In by not being alone. I never thought i would smile again i never thought that this day would come...that a man can take me from these hills filled with lots of open branches to fulfill. We bath together,he touched my body like no other, his hands was so strong it was like the feeling tay digs gave nia long. Instead of sex that we didnt have he gave me something ''I never experience"an that was intimacy''. I found myself in a place were my face got stuck. Is this real? could this be real? or is this something temporary and will disappear in the fields. He tells me that he wants me,but i run from it. I havent had love in 4years my ears are open to new things,but im scared to give my heart away,but not in vein. My eyes are water,my heart is warm,my body is hot there's not a thing is this world i want if it's not you. Im in a line of light i know i would'nt be right in your life. The way you live is far gone. Ball dresses,makeup,heels i could do,but it's not true, an it would never be my place, but your friendship i will take in advance to something new. Picture glue you'll always be stuck to me in some kind of way other things doesnt matter long as you make me smile and make my day.


Copyright act,2014 (Shavon P.)

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