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"Valentine's Day"💕 short story i wrote.

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February 14, Valentine's day, a day i'll never forget,i got home around seven felt like i was in heaven i opened the door there was red rose petals on the floor and a note that said follow me i followed the rose petals to the bathroom,as i walked in the bathroom the first thing i seen was you, your sleeves was rolled up as well as your pants all smiles was on my face. The tub was filled with bubbles & rose petals you were sitting on the edge,as you stood up with a glass of wine looking all fine ,you walked towards me and said ''Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart i know you had a rough day at work so i ran you a bubble bath on this special day to show you how much i love you''.I replied with a smile that showed my dimples..thanks baby i love you then kissed my lips in a way that i had no doubt that your love for me was real. He lifted me up on the counter and took off my heels, he then slowly unbutton my shirt gave me a kiss on my forehead then unbutton my bra. He helped me off the counter reached behind me and unzipped my skirt, as i stepped out of my skirt he reached up and pulls down my panties. Facing him with my bare body he gives me another kiss with his hands wrapped around my waist.He escorts me to the tub i get in,water feels warm rose petals smells phenomenal. He starts washing my back then tells me to lean back, he grabs my feet and washes them while leaning back i closed my eyes and exhale.He stops stands up and starts taking off his clothes and joins me, he grabs me and pulls me towards him my thighs shaking, my p**** tingling,as he sat in the water i got up and gently slid on top of him, as i slowly sat on the tip i worked my way down on him ''SLOWLY'' while grinding on him he squeezes & plays with my left breast and sucks on my right. I moaned because it feels good and i dont want him to stop.Things heated up we wanted to move the action to the bedroom,i wanted to stay in his lap so he picks me up i clutched on his hardrock body for support, but not need he has me.Water dripping on the floor suds still on our bodies from the bubbles, still in his arms he takes me to the bedroom and lays me on the bed..he kisses me and starts kissing my P**** then licks it,while eating my p**** i laid both of my legs on his shoulders as his tongue made love to my p**** i grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them and moaned awwwwohhhhawaoh. When he finished he kisses my inner thighs turns me over spreads my thighs and eats me from the back,while eating me from the back he grabs both cheeks. Turns me on my back again, spreads my legs and i'm so ready to feel this sexual pleasure that my body been craving for all day. He's on top of me and we started to make love he grabs a hand full of my hair with both hands and pushes inside of me with a slow motion he kisses me,making love to me in a circle motion i digged my nails in his back,grabbing both arms placing them above my head and continued to slowly go inside of me. Arms pinned down, he's going inside of me, he moans he loosens my arms grabbing both of my thighs and started pounding my p****, going harder i grabbed and squeezed him tight we both moaning it feels so good to him he curses ohhhhhhhhtt! i'm about to come baby,before he camed he bits his lips & moans some more he looks me in my eyes and tells me he loves me i grabbed the sheets he grabs me and comes inside of me, before taking his man hood out of me he moves back & fourth inside of me to get that last pleasure. He takes him out, kisses me and placed our sheets on top of us,after the bubble bath he made me, the wine we shared and the passionate love making we made we cuddled and fell asleep.


Copyright act,2014 (Shavon P.)

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