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A Dream

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I don't know what today will bring i just know it isn't going to be great I felt like this morning that I didn't even know this place Like the room I was in was empty and the wall was closing in my face I look up and notice there was a person with no face was I dreaming or still awake I wasn't scared not even a bit, was something wrong with me or was I sick Guess I'm good and seem OK, but to me it seem like any other day See I wake up every morning with a smile upon my face waiting to see if I'll make it through the day My life is not easy but simply and fair I think its complicated but don't nobody care I'm holding on to this feeling that's deep inside and don't even know how to explain and don't even know why As tears come to my eyes I write hoping that everything going to be alright I want to be happy hell just even sad But what's feeling without emotions, It feel like a hole in your head The hole was smaller, now bigger it grows like a pond to river and stem to a tree I like to think I'm normal just like everyone else but I'm different like book no one read that's left on a shelf Sometimes it come down because its in the wrong spot Everyone forgets about me like an empty box Can you tell me why do I feel lonely all the time? Can I for once smile and mean it or laugh or be happy, well i guess not Can life be anymore empty, lonely and sad. I'm feeling like a shirt that's never been wear I wanna be free from this rope around my neck, the chain on my feet I feel like a bag on my face like I can hardly breathe,I'm choking and gasping for air " OH MY GOD I SEE THE LIGHT AM I ALMOST THERE?" As I look up and see a cloud and its quite not clear, I think to myself " AM I REALLY HERE" With hopes of joy and tears of fear am I in heaven " OH GOD PLEASE BE HERE!" As I start to drift off into a deep sleep, I hear a voice say "COME BACK TO ME!" Then I knew my faith that something bad was headed my way I said " OH NO PLEASE GOD NOT ME" with a voice so lite and deep as the sea not today my child there a lot in life you need to see I wonder what now, is there a place for me and he said " IN MY ARMS YOUR SAFE AS CAN BE"ME

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mrmelody7 says:

Interesting write, I sometimes wonder which world are we really livin in the for real world or the dream world, but at the end you got your answer from who controls both worlds

cherrylovely says:

Thanks for you comment

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2b2b2 says:

Tight Flow.....ONE

cherrylovely says:


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amin901 says:

Nicely done beatiful lady...So gifted

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amin901 says:

Nicely done beautiful lady...So gifted

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