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No Love

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Aint no love down in the Delta

The depths of the deep where many sleep

Where murderers seat and enemies creep

Aint no love down here in the Delta 

Aint no love down here in the depths

Nothing but dark alleys and by ways 

Lonesome souls and haunted stays 

Lingering searching for a home

A place to rest and call their own

And aint no love down here

Aint no love in the depths

Aint no love


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Ladypoet45 says:

Great write amin901. Dig your flow. A glimpse into the reality of life's darkest corners. Thank you for sharing this.

amin901 says:

Thanks love

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Ezell-Dazh says:

Where there is light there is love. Where there dark there is love. Which shade we nurture? Thanks for sharing.. Peace

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amin901 says:

Youre welcome.Thank you

poems by this commentor says:

Nice flow!

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