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I  derive  from  above,

Although  I  live  below

Given  pounds  to  power  people

Generations  rot  in  serial  sequels

Locked  up  passing  the  time  of  day

Can’t  swim,  so I  wade  thru  waves

Poking  heads,  with  big  screen  displays

Swaying  the  mind, by  source  crowd funding

Broke  off  new  ones,  for  repetitive  satisfaction

Parroting  phrases,  while  forgetting  his-story

Next  time  erasing,  what  just  played  yesterday

Continuing  on  with  new  world  illumination

Lights  blown  out  for  those  thinking  outside  boxes

Proxies sing  sweet  melodies  of  copied  rhythms

Multiplication  is  rationalized  as  just  a  factor of  division

We  livin’  on  emoticons,  enforced  by  blue  screen  avatars

Raising  the  bar  by  connecting  to  network  cabals

Netting  flicks  as  the  highest  form  of  attainment

While  needing  looks  in  spaces  between  commercial  placements

Video  chatting  and  shopping  for  what’s  really  good  or  really  hood

Snatching  myphones  to  keep  the  economy  from  collapsing

Texting  and  stylin’  based  on  digits dot, dot, dot(ing) explanations

Never  considering  how  high  is  the price  2b  paid  for  such  labelling

Diced, chopped  and  screwed  is  what  this  mark  is  really  meant  to  do

This  is  how  the  beast  is  always  able  to  find  you……

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recklessmonet says:

I full heartedly agree with you and this poem. No truer words have been said. Great job. Thanks for the enlightenment. Love this poem.

Ladypoet45 says:

This is beyond words 2b. #awesomelywritten .

KingQadarDwon' says:

Straight fire as usual! Nicely laid out and written... I digg it...

hymnagen says:

You know I dig the word play! "Multiplication is rationalized as just a factor of division" in particular was fire! Hot piece, my brotha!

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catmartan says:

Awesome 2b you always come strong ! Thanks for the share !

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2b2b2 says:

Thanks family.....Namaste

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