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I have come full circle 360 degrees, realizing what I am and all my wicked deeds, this cipher was created subconcsiously I am what I am and that comforts me, content now, my knowledge and wisdom of self wont let me repent now, born in a world that scorn, they oppress all my people,  and consider us unequal, in public rascism is over, but in their minds secretly they hate and loathe us, in discreet ways they show us, the hood and prison and school you know us, black people we are of the lost, and we are paying dearly and our blood is the cost, how in the hell is the minorities of this world the minority, when people of color is the majority, how can this white supremacy rule, rascism is alive and well dont be a fool, we set trends and they follow, they hate our guts but love our cash I know it's hard to swallow, your mind got to write with your heart today and not tomorrow, we need to spread the truth, we cant save ourselves but just maybe we can save the youth, my eyes are openand observant, now I see these serpents, dont let the slavemasters work you, open your eyes and come full circle,

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latin_lover says:

These are true words. Excellent write.

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hymnagen says:

Yessir, this is that uplift-ment! Brilliant work

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2b2b2 says:

TIGHT Share.....ONE

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