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This latest poem - I am just not sure -the message is sound but it starts a bit odd - ah who am I kidding I am eccentric

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The Warrior hero

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I open my eyes

I cry inside

helpless to the viciousness ,I see before my eyes

Give Love and hope , wherever I can

The need great

I Am On Demand

drenched in blood ,from the warriors stand

falling with my heart in hand

Never Give Up

I shout to grief and pain

As I break apart

leaving my heart

to stand invain

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hymnagen says:

Emotional read. Left me wanting more. thanks for sharing it Kavindra.

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kavindra says:

Thanks !! perhaps if you are wanting more you could write your own version of this piece . I have no doubt it will be a great read. Sometimes other poems inspire me to write , currently working on a piece based off a song oddly trying to make a country song into hip hop rap or something not sure . just thought it would be interesting to see how it looks . Remember your mind has no limits. keep writing!

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