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This latest poem - I am just not sure -the message is sound but it starts a bit odd - ah who am I kidding I am eccentric

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Soldiers Tribute

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Stand tall

The bravery call

Muscles of steel

Guns on fire

our freedom supplier

foreign Terrain

Mark of a homelands bane

The soldiers domain

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mrmelody7 says:

Being a Vet thank you for the tribute our motto when I joined the Army was This we will defend talkin bout our homeland and this we did

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kavindra says:

awesome thank you for the feed back I am sending it along with shoe boxes(items collected to give them some comforts of home) for soldiers to those stationed over seas being sent via a kindergarten class in my local area and I really needed to know if it will be something they will enjoy

kavindra says:

you are most welcome it is for all soldiers you deserve our respect

mrmelody7 says:

Believe me a card letter is so appreciated when you are half way around the world not knowing if you will make it home am a Vietnam Vet, one thing that messed the guys out in the field was when they came into base camp for two days some will get what we called care packages for home they would get some music from their girl friend and Isac hayes was popular the song I stand Accused wrong song guys would cry like a baby.Real nice of you and the kids believe me it means the world to them Thank You

gregory.mccant@gmail.com says:

Outstanding tribute combined with clever, direct wordplay. Genius!

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hymnagen says:

It is indeed a wonderful tribute. Well done!

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after vision says:

my poet, you pull on my military strings with this one, thank you for such kind words and caring about myself and my family of brothers and sisters that i was blessed to have been stationed with

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