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A Man's Worth

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His work is never done, especially for a black man he is always on the run, running for something , running to something, or running from something, fighting the good fight so that his woman and children doesn't have to,  he loves to laugh to too, but in his world ain't much funny, constant thoughts of money, plagues him, be damned if he let minimum wage slave him, brazen and bold, can be cold , misery and the weight of the world makes him so, only wish is that his woman wakes with a smile, every day his intentions is her happiness if he has to go a mile, his kids dependent and proud, with that security, and surety, they are deeply endowed, the strength of the family the one set to provide, even though a woman contributes it's detrimental to his pride, always thinking of the family, sacrificing and believing thinking of the family, not always so brave,  but he gets up and go out with courage, inside he is afraid,  dont want to be their  scourge, God given, God driven, spitten image, his love knows no line of scrimmage, or boundaries, a man is just that  and if looking can be found in me, the twinkle in his childrens eyes, thr protector when he hears their cries,  he may not feel his womans pain but with her he sympathize and empathize, they are all that matters, family compliments and flatters,  a mans whole exsistence and being, his woman is heaven seen, and his kids give him purpose, and his God made him perfect, and worh this not worthless,

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Ladypoet45 says:

Wow. Awesome and priceless all at the same time. An excellent way to put things in perspective.

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