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“This is the beginning of the end”,

SHE was innocent before this, not by judgment but by nature itself. No little girl should have to endure this type of tragedy before even knowing what love is and what it means to be touched by the one she chooses as she grows older. While children are taught to tell on strangers that harm them, SHE had to learn how to keep her abuse a secret from her own protector, her own flesh and blood, they shared the same wound and she protected him to keep their mother out of harm’s way. Silently, she begged and pleaded for this disgusting life to end, she even prayed for death to befall her while it was happening for him to be exposed through medical examination, but that sweet death never came, so she created a dream world as that of her room décor. She surrounded herself with light and beauty, while she harbored hate and darkness within her very being. In her grew sadness, in her grew shame, in her grew an ugly murderer. She's older now, no more laying her down with a skull cap over her face, no more hiding the hurt and innocence that he couldn’t face himself, no more protecting him from the dread he forced upon her in adolescence. She's older now, no more protecting him, her darkest vengeance has overcome all light of gold hidden deep inside of her, it’s time he suffer in the very HELL he sent her, but he shall not return, only she can because he deserves to be there whereas she was thrown there to be spit back out. This is his last goodbye.”

 “Only the evil die with their eyes open, for the victim to close them with peace”

“This is the beginning of the end”,

Her darkest shades have clothed her revenge......


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underhiswings7 says:

Speechless. . . ... .

HumbleMeeksInFloetry4 says:

So many of those that are innocent live this without a voice or a way of expression and turns them into something even darker than what they experience. This is some of their voices that I have heard through the study of psychology....

underhiswings7 says:

It's truly deep, sis.

HumbleMeeksInFloetry4 says:

Thank you Sis, I hope it touches the hearts and minds of people all over, open eyes abroad

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