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There are times a person can be in darkness so long that they begin to confuse it to be home. It takes a caring heart to gently force their way through that dome, shining light on the realty of what's been wrong.

I've been there before, maybe once or twice, turning my naturally caring heart to be cold as ice. But it's quite funny, this journey called life, for every "negative" there's a positive to wipe away the tears of the night.

So if ever you've felt "stuck" in that deep dark hole, remember God wrote the scrip and this isn't your final role.

So step out on faith against that fear of the unknown, lift up your head and smile because you're getting closer to home.

- Lyn Love

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Charles2 says:

beautiful message, nice poem

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2b2b2 says:

Awesome Share....quite beautiful indeed....ONE

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