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#Inspirational High

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Look me straight in my eyes 

Cant look you straight in your eyes

The way you feel when you blushing, Soft-Sexy-Cool

Easy feelings no attitudes

Nice to know youre in the mood

Its sensational when you want me too

Keep it regular, but enticing

Touch me here in there, let me fight it

Heart thumping , wanna know your kiss 

go slow before you bite my lip

Pxssy throb me, when you get behind me and grab my hips

Keep me there nice and warm 

Release me and relax me your arms 

I lean back and you're there head to your chest 

Almost like you know me best and you are mine

The beginning of a feeling I could stand for a long time

Just like the rhythm in the vibes when we make love

Its passionate I want passion

No lesser truth you provide

Come all out, ride and enjoy the rise

With me your speciality 

cause your body is my expertise

Let me drive

Calm collective float

gliding our love boat 

Inside, you can taste the air 

sweet and moist there

is where I climb

Intwined with you nibbling on me

The perfect escape to be

Down to earth, feeling the birth

of something special 

quite hard not to settle 

here and now

No more bounds

and just breathe easy

Cause I know you got me 

in our perfect blend

What a way to put a spin

on how my every nights should end

And to begin


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