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Anger - What is it?

What color is it?

And, what can we liken it to?

Is it the thing that we feel before counting to ten?

Or is it why many Buddhists reflect in Zazen?

Could it be White?

Like the Pillar Of Salt that became of Lot's Wife?


Was is Black like the Glove of Geronimo Pratt?

Or Silver like The Bullets that laid Amadou Flat?


The Blue of uniforms of those who Protect and who Serve?

Maybe the pigment of a person who killed a sick perv

Shaded Brown like the Projects, with no hope/locked inside?

Welfare Yellow like Cheese when you're stripped of your pride


Surely it's the Green of Saudi Arabia's Flag

New York Gray like the beggar who's treated like slag?


Actually, it isn't manifested in colors

Nor can it be defined

Go now

Entertain what I've said

Remembering the Paradox is that we claim to see RED




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mrmelody7 says:

You really are a poetic wonder arnt you

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you for your words...

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