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...I watched in horror and stunned silence as a woman spoke into a gadget in her right hand/oblivious to the reality that continued to unfold...

She spoke into it with great enthusiasm, and purpose/every word made more important by a wave of her hand - as if she were beckoning to some invisible audience...

Yet, this wasn't the worst part

Her daugther was by her side...

She paid attention to her child with the same detachment a cat shows to a well played with dead mouse

Her daughter couldv'e been hurt, or kidnapped  - Would she even have noticed - Would  she even have cared?

That bauble seemed to hold more fascination for her than the happenings of True Significance

All around her though/The Tempest raged...

10 year olds killing three year olds/Pubescent Floweres choked out by pedophilic weeds/The War in Iraq

Maybe it was the "Virtual Blue" which lulled her consciousness to sleep...or the melodic sound it made when it came to life in her pocket

Would her Caller ID her as being lost? -

Could she ever be found again?

Sadly, she wasn't the only onw who possessed it...

Over 2/3 of the humanity that I observed had one as well...

To me, they all fell under the same category




Mindless people hooked on a cheap technology...

...Mere Slaves to a toy manufactured by The New World Order...

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latin_lover says:

True words. Excellent write.

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