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"Verbal Intercourse"

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My phallic organ is throbbing wildly/simply put,

I have to skeet


The paper waited for my release, I quickly nutted

right on the sheet


I arrange my semen wisely, so that none of it gets



If you really thirst for Wisdom, open your mouth, I'll

let you taste it


Slowly sliding down your throat, pretty soon you'll

be giving birth


Don Poetiq's babies number millions/understand it

for what it's worth


People perish from lack of Knowledge...cerebral

sperm is what you need


There's just one thing that keeps you barren...you

have to fertilize the seed


Incubate this poem, and think more deeply...the Pearls

embedded to surely grow


The Final Days are now upon us, you best be acting like

you know...


Some of this poem to you seemed dirty, hold your peace,

I'll tell you more


Get your thoughts up out the gutter, it was just a



I always come correctly to everyone I meet a Friend


Therefore, I'm never sleazy...the ''Phallic Organ''

is just my pen


My quill spills just like my penis, can you feel

the saturation?


Jerking out poems to lift your spirits...aaahh... Poetiq



Still, some hearts are stiffly frozen, to grasp my words

they often try


I wish my ink was real cum, so I could bust off in

 their eye


Maybe then they'll see more clearly as

Mental Jism removes the plaque


Death Through Ignorance now averted, your Spiritual Life

is back on track


When everything is finally over, and all the truths have

been unfurled


I'll kiss my notebook, what a lover...and smoke a Bluntville

with my girl



"Verbal Intercourse"














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