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A Poet's Pledge

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It’s 2016 here we are again, pen in one hand, notebook in the other, writing down our feelings like we don’t give a damn.

Yet another year to raise our voice and join hands…

connecting through dry ink, and white lines across the lands..

I’m calling  men, women, and children..Put down the guns and  put your pens up with me,  let the world know we are the elite.. Where we see defeat , is a chance for us to rip through life’s multiple sheets,

I take this pledge as a poet….

As a poet I pledge to call out bull when I see it, always having my eyes wide open to see the truth behind it.

As a poet I pledge to hold my heart in my pen and notebook never on my sleeve, paying close attention to those who deceive.

As a poet, I will not wait for destiny, I will be the change I want to see…

As a poet, I will not follow behind everyone else, but create my own voice, giving myself a choice.

As a poet I will not search for a leader, but be a leader, leading the unheard and  unloved.

As a poet, I will always write from the heart, even at the times when it needs a jumpstart.

As a poet, I understand words can heal a thousand wounds, it's my job to heal those who are hurt when others won’t

As a poet I join hands proudly with any other poets, to unite those, whose words could wake up the world and don’t even know it. Stand tall, never feel defeated….When life crumbles up your sheet of paper, don’t get a new sheet, uncrumble it and reuse it.


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mrmelody7 says:

Spot on

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