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#'s on my head

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Can't get these #'s off my head yo,
Explains the ink stains on my pillow,
Tried to scrub it off with a brillo,
Seem my time is up,
Life is so abrupt,
Traded my ticket like Beetle Juice, now my head is shrunk,
This track is funky like a skunk,
Pass me another 8 ball, man I finna ta get drunk,
Can't believe she left me, damn I'm such a punk,
Tried to keep our relationship alfoat, but it still sunk,
Greed and lies harpooned & torpedoed us, now I'm in a funk.
Social life of a hermit, sex life of a monk,
Please come back baby, it been a long month.
I had a string of bad luck,
First I chipped my tooth, then they repossessed my truck,
The cops raided the wrong house, now our place looks like a dump,
We used to always play patty cake,
Now it constant keep away,
Then she said tag your it,
Then moved very far away,
Changed her Facebook status and won't return my messages,
Damn I miss her cookin and feeling on her breastis,
JG said let it slide like water off a duck,
Its hard admit when your #'s up.


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