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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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An author’s nightmare


just different

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Writing a book, and getting someone to buy and then read it…

Self published, so you must be a little conceited 

Like folks in reality shows, rubbing sticks together to make fire

Hands calloused and bleeding, the situation is dire…

Rewarded with nothing but smoke, sweat, and char 

They only care about wizards, comic books and vampires, so your stories are subpar

Still you are your own worst critic

Motivated at times, but you often regret that you ever did it…

Success should be the fact that you actually wrote it

But your greed wants readers to recommend and then quote it!

Thought you’d do something different, like a contestant singing acapella

Gave them scoops of Rocky Road

But all they really wanted was vanilla…

Confused, you choose to believe that eventually someone will see

Years pass by, the moment is gone, when you realize all along, that your only fan was me…

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