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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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The case for Black american reparations - part 1


just different

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They constantly paint black americans as the villain...

Like we have no value, as our blood is spillin’

Innocent lives, men, women, and children 

Enslaved for centuries, working for free, to build an american empire

As other ethic enclaves were raised, ours were burned by fire

Buried, AND flooded with water!

Pennies is what I’ll leave my poor daughter

As the last names of my ancestors' slavemaster kin

Whose net worth compared to mine, is multiplied by a factor of ten!

But the playing field is level and things are so much better?

Reparations aren’t necessary for 'YOU PEOPLE,' cuz you're no longer bound by a chain or a fetter?

As billions of dollars are sent monthly to Israel and Ukraine 

Why are Black Americans who demand land, education and opportunity dismissed as insane?

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mlowe5 says:

Yes despite the progress we've made, we remain in their political mentality of "last hired; first fired...". ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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