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Let me breathe in all your features from the past
As I ran into the house where my secrets fell
I seemed to forget that my secrets were based off the lies we created
We were liars

I loved your skin
It always had that sweet smell that made me forget that I had been stealing hearts to fill the void that the people in the past seemed to enjoy abandoning

I loved your hands
I remember the time that they touched mine and I felt paralyzed for more than 14 seconds
We were 14 and that day may have been the 12th time I cried that week 
I can't seem to remember what month it was, but I know it was the 26th
I still remember going home and whispering to myself" sweet bliss, sweet bliss, 26,26.

What I really loved was the way you would breathe. 
I could still feel it on my neck
I miss that heat
I miss the way you used me to forget her, but never would let me replace her
Or even lure me into a trap where I would devote myself to you and forget about all our fights that would occur 

Here I am today 
Still waiting for you to ask me to follow
I'm tired of swallowing the pain in my throat that tells me it's time cry
I try and I try, please believe me when I say I really ***ing try to ignore the fact that you don't need me anymore
I try to adore the ones who loves me now, but every once in a while you come back for more

I'm begging you to let me breathe
Let me rush into the secret house
Let me be the liar you wanted me to be
Let me love the number 26

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