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"Just From the Outside"

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Just from the outside is what society, music videos, rappers, reality shows want our young girls who use to be under the mom listening to real deep know what music is era when we young women was younger it was no worries about being fake or needing attention on every corner, but now after the year 2000 booty shaking (what I call it fake shaking with almost all video girls) talking about ice, a big house that young guys say they got by photoshopping it on their Instagram/Facebook page being in fantasyland, having sex with multiple women oh wait! multiple hoes that's the proper language that young black men was raised upon by your idols (the rappers that mumble and shake their dreadlocks) while the music industry is raining with money that is earned from you unknowledgeable artist who is just up for the dollars that you only get a cut of

young teen girls you are worth more than being on a music video being just great for the fake butt that came from the fat in your stomach

your worth more than needing fake boobs to fit your dress

your worth more more than dating the man who is all about himself and his side chicks who worship the ground he walks on

your worth more than dreaming about being hood and drama on Love and Hip Hop

your worth more than the low self-esteem benefits that comes in the package of society

your worth more than who you are "Just From the Outside"

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after vision says:

my poet just from the outside is the inside truth

tiffanyr says:

I hear you

Wize Dom says:


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social seer says:

Well, sometimes those teen girls just wanna have fun. Also I never saw a girl fake anshake. Shakin' that booty is part of the joy of being female. These aren't the dumb girls you make them out to be.

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