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A Letter From Love to Miss Lonely

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Love wrote a letter to a woman named Lonely that was broken down like this...

Dear Ms Lonely,  
I received your letter and your heart I never missed.  
In your letter you listed the type of man for you.  
well the quality of man you’re searching for is out there   searching too.  
For a woman of charm and self value with a beauty through and through.  
It’s ok if she has baggage because he has baggage too.  
A strong minded woman who understand a man is all he be.  
Who can love him through all the times the world will make him weak.  
A compassionate, hard working woman, it’s ok if she’s got kids.    
He will love them all the same but she has GOT to love his.  
He’s been hurt and is searching for a love that will flow steady.  
If you can’t comply to these terms then Miss Lonely…you’re NOT ready.    
Yours truly,  

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hymnagen says:

A different approach to a timeless topic. I enjoyed!

lovelylady1 says:

Thank you my king...glad you enjoyed it

blakkbeauty says:

Ohhh gurlll this have me LIFE,,,,πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

lovelylady1 says:

i'm glad you can relate my beloved! There some good men out here...

after vision says:

my poet, I found someone with two kids and married her it lasted 24 years before separating two years ago. love is a work in progress my poet

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lovelylady1 says:

Yes, my king indeed it is. It's men like you who give me ink to write about your hearts. I know not all men are dogs. You ever hear the old school song "The Clean Up Woman"?

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