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Wise men told me many years ago life changes may send you through the untold. Forget about the bumps and bruises along the way; it’s supposed to be hard. What you need to focus on is the permanent scars. Our problem is following in the path of those who got it all wrong. You see slavery indeed decades ago but the journey is life-long. If you can’t see the wipe out since day one; then you’ve just become a part of the problem. Today’s society doesn’t even try to hide killing us in plain sight. While America gets a front row seat; called television. Right? While black lives matter! We’re not good enough to become martyrs! Remember recent names like Trayvon Martin! Renisha McBride! Africa! Freddie Gray! Wiped out, but now we carry the torch of their stride. There is power in movement. But be careful who you choose to move with. When are we going to stand together in unity unleashing our true strength? Or have we gotten comfortable shuckin and givin while painting someone else's picket fence? It’s been time for change. Long before Obama came. See if by the time I’m done writing you’ll even remember my name. Tim Chronicle! Here to pay homage to speakers before me that try to pass down tools of knowledge to our youth. Leaders of the future! But what are we leaving them to lead? While they mimic, while we witness, them kill of the strength of the seed. Don’t ask me if I’m angry I’ll return with what the f..k do you think? But my solution is to return fire in the form of inspirational ink! Get in sync with the vision. Stop being imprisoned. Show improvement in the birth rights of the true founders of wisdom!


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lovelylady1 says:

my king, very powerful ink! Write on Dr. Umar Johnson 2.0!

after vision says:

my poet and truth teller - so many times we fail to see things as it is, it's poets like you that shine for us all to see. thank you

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TimChronicle says:

Thank you Sista, I just recently have been aquainte with Umar. definately going to support the school he's in the process of getting!

TimChronicle says:

Thank you as well my Brotha; I try to get the word out. All of you guys are an inspiration. Very blessed to have found this site!

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