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America I Salute You

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America I Salute You (middle finger)

I speak softly but my voice is loud as I cry out. But You never hear me too distracted by the surround sounds of Samsung, Apple, and LG! My appearance vague as you've forgotten about the things that I've done. Took me away from family and friends promising me the rights of passage to becoming my own Man. You have no idea where these hands have been.

American you have no choice but to listen. Why do the families of my Brothers and Sisters who never made it back from the fight, have to stand in frustrating lines for a pension. Something that should have come automatic. While you rest peacefully at night on your finest cotton fabric. My new home is a bloodstained mattress! I want it all, I want my just due. Fight for me like I fought for you. Stop looking at me in disgust proclaiming me a bum and a vagrant. America you've become the biggest plagiarist. There's a difference between homeless and hopeless. Don't make me suffer just because in your eyes I've lost my way. Talking about Happy Veterans Day. Are these tears of happiness that stains my face?

I speak softly but my voice is loud as I cry out. You don't hear me too busy running your mouth. About the sweet life of the lies you tell. America you're just full of thievery murder and mayhem. Stole a country, placed your own name on it! Stole a race and brought us here to build it up with blood sweat and tears of our Fathers Mothers Sons and Daughters. Only for you through centuries selling it out to other countries as the wealthy get wealthier.

Off we go to fight the enemy with no
Eyes. While you break ties and compromise our position. Giving the media full disclosure.
And you wonder why terrorist
Are looking over our shoulders. We've given our life many times over. A million plus just for you. And the paychecks still don't reflect what we do!

While my Brothers and Sisters who have returned still suffer of mental exhaustion.
And you complain because you have to give us a little meal, a little shelter, a little clothing, a little stipend? You owe us that and some!
So stop using the term thank you for your service. It's worthless when lacking the meaning that follows. Soldiers don't beg or borrow! Shouldn't have to!

I speak softly but my voice is loud as I cry out. And my opinion will never be moved. America as long as you keep doing my people, the people, our soldiers who continue to fight for you the way that you do; I still salute you! (middle finger)

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Jigen says:

Very well written.

Coalhouse says:

Get it on. Keep bangin

mlowe5 says:

POWERFULL! I salute you Sir Brother (Both fists in the air). Keep dropping these bombing words exploding with their powerful images and messages. May your "soft" voice continue to "cry out loud" vibrating the ear drums of those have ears to hear! We Poets are here! One Heart! One Peace! One Love! mlowe5,

Ladypoet45 says:

Being a fellow vet, I am right there with you (saluting) TimChronicle. This is so well put together, and a most enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing this. The salute made me grin. LOL

simplypoetic says:

I am really feeling your expression here. I did piece on another site, The Wounded Warrior Project! With the same sentiments you expressed here. Bravo!

RonnieL says:

Yassss tell it!!!!! Powerful piece and spot on with truth! Keep creating these gems, as poets we are recorders of HIStory. But let us shed light on OURstory.

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